Vogue: Lily Rabe’s Sundance Debut

Name: Lily Rabe

Hometown: New York, NY, and Lakeville, CT

Current Address: New York, NY

Age: 28

Movie at Sundance: Letters from the Big Man

Plot: In the Christopher Munch–directed film, Sarah Smith (played by Rabe), an artist and hydrologist, sets out on a government expedition in a remote part of southwestern Oregon to conduct a government water survey. In the course of her journey though this raw and breathtaking wilderness, she encounters a Sasquatch (Isaac c. Singleton, Jr.), and the two slowly begin to interact with one another. As their bond grows, she finds herself acting to protect the big man’s way of life.

This is your first time at Sundance. What do you think so far?
I’m having a great time. I have a lot of friends here with movies, so there is this great sense of camaraderie among us, we’re all here supporting each other… SEE MORE >

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